XR In The Cloud.



Visualization is key in architecture and construction, quick and precise transmission of information leads to better and faster decision making.

Traditional floor plans or 2D renderings can always just get across part of the real world experience and large CAD files are not convenient for customer communication.

CLDXR® gives you the necessary tools to quickly and conveniently present results and let your customers experience your work almost like if it was already built. Just try our sample below.


  • Export CAD files in gLTF format and simply drag & drop them as assets into CLDXR®
  • Instantly create a project with 3D preview, dedicated URL and QR code for sharing
  • Visualize lifesize previews of construction projects with WebAR - no app needed
  • Let customers easily review layout variations in adequate indoor or outdoor context
  • Add a custom URL to direct users to a website or add videos, pictures or PDFs


Bathroom Preview

Apartment 12-3

Design vector created by freepik -