XR In The Cloud.



CLDXR® is not about virtual try-ons, we leave this to others. At least for now. But if you own a clothes brand, you can use CLDXR® to add digital content to any piece of clothes you sell.

How about a thank you message from a testimonial? Or a video about your company history? With a link directly to your online store in case your customer wants to buy the exact pair of jeans again? Without having to install an app first?

CLDXR® keeps your brand in the mind of your customers up to the point where the next buying decision is made.


  • Add digital content to any piece of clothing
  • Activate your brand logo and tell your story
  • Connect testimonials with your loyal buyers
  • Send out promotions to all your existing customers
  • No app necessary, everything mobile browser based


Street Shoe


This fantastic looking shoe will make you confortable everywhere! Not only that, you will be the envy of all your friends as this style is the biggest trend of the moment! Don't sleep on this deal, all sizes available.



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