XR In The Cloud.

AR for Technical Documentation


Did you ever have the problem that your technician or customer ordered the wrong spare part? And do you remember how much time and effort this cost you to solve?

With CLDXR® you can upload pictures or 3D files of all your technical parts, then download and add QR codes to your spare part catalogue. Your technician can now scan the QR code (no app necessary), watch it in AR from all sides in lifesize, compare it directly to the original part and even take a picture or video of both together.

You can also add a link directly to your order system or add additional content like videos on how to replace the part in question.

Do you have a larger catalogue and want to mass export/import to CLDXR®? Talk to us.


  • Add digital content to your print or online documentation
  • Show a digital twin to help identifying parts
  • Add instructional content like PDFs or videos
  • Web or app based solutions, depending on complexity
  • Reduce the number of wrong deliveries due to misidentification of parts
  • Mass import digital content into CLDXR® CMS
  • Mass export QR codes to integrate into your online order system or print documentation
  • Add an order link directly to the digital twin


SMG TurfGuard 2

Change of battery

Follow the instruction seen on this video or try it in your environment through Augmented Reality by clicking on "Start AR".